Mini-Workshop on Causation

Thursday, October 22, 2020
1:00pm–5:00pm (East Coast time)
(Note the modified schedule!)

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• This is a free Zoom event (no registration fee)
• The meeting ID and password will be shared with those who register
• Each talk will be 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for questions
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Questions or comments: Jacob Barandes, firstname_lastname(at) (organizer)

Informal introductions

“Causation is to Information as Work is to Energy”
Holly Andersen – Simon Fraser University
Slides (PDF), Video (YouTube)

“Block Universe Ontological Models:  A Framework for Theories with Retrocausality”
Matthew Leifer – Chapman University
Slides (PDF), Slides (PPT), Video (YouTube)

Open discussion

“Implications of Wigner's Friend Paradox for Quantum Causality”
Eric Cavalcanti – Griffith University
Slides (PDF), Video (YouTube)

Open discussion


Emily Adlam, Valia Allori, Holly Andersen (speaker), Guido Bacciagaluppi, Dave Baker, Kabir Bakshi, Jacob Barandes (organizer), Yemima Ben-Menahem, Fedde Benedictus, Clara Bradley, Samuel Buckley-Bonanno, Maura Burke, Simon Burton, Jeremy Butterfield, Sean Carroll, Eric Cavalcanti (speaker), Omid Charrakh, Konner Childers, Gerardo Ciepielewski, Elise Crull, Irene D'Amico, Radwa Dawood, Heather Demarest, Jamee Elder, Rebecca Engelke, Johannes Fankhauser, Matt Farr, Laura Felline, Isaac Friend, Henrique Gomes, Vesselin Gueorguiev, Bixin Guo, Deisy Gysi, Richard Healey, Thijs Hemme, Meir Hemmo, Leah Henderson, Guy Hetzroni, Mina Himwich, Carl Hoefer, Jenann Ismael, Ding Jia, Thomas Jorna, David Kagan, Brennan Klein, Mon Klein Douwel, Anisa Kureishi, Lawrence Lee, Matt Leifer (speaker), Peter Lewis, Joanna Luc, Patrick Magee, Tiago Martinelli, Clement Mawby, Xiangyi Meng, Damon Moley, George Musser, Pedro Naranjo, Makinde Ogunnaike, Daniel Olson, Lydia Patton, Harrison Payne, Fleur Petit, Francisco Pipa, J. Brian Pitts, Felipe Portales, Josh Quirke, Ana Raclariu, Michele Reilly, Michael Ridley, Sam Rijken, Pascal Rodríguez Warnier, Jerome Romagosa, Robert Rynasiewicz, Ashmeet Singh, John Sipe, Chrysovalantis Stergiou, Moti Suess, Noel Swanson, Nicetu Tibau Vidal, Lev Vaidman, Alice van Helden, Francesca Vidotto, Kadri Vihvelin, Maria Violaris, Porter Williams, Alastair Wilson, Michelle Xu, Tian Zhang