Mini-Workshop on Infinities and Idealizations in Physics

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
12:00pm (noon)–4:00pm (East Coast time)

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• The meeting ID and password will be shared with those who register
• Each talk will be 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for questions
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Questions or comments: Jacob Barandes, <lastname>(at) (organizer)

Informal introductions

“The Paradox of Infinite Limits: A Realist Response”
Patricia Palacios – University of Salzburg

“Scientific Understanding, Modal Reasoning, and (Infinite) Idealization”
Elay Shech – Auburn University

“Emergence, Explanation, and (Infinite) Idealization”
Samuel Fletcher – University of Minnesota

Open discussion


Dave Baker, Jacob Barandes (organizer), Clara Bradley, Jeremy Butterfield, Sean Carroll, Kade Cicchella, Karen Crowther, John Earman, Johannes Fankhauser, Benjamin Feintzeig, Samuel Fletcher (speaker), Jan Głowacki, Elizabeth Himwich, Josh Hunt, Jenann Ismael, Sam Kuypers, Barry Loewer, Joanna Luc, Tiago Martinelli, Ryan Miller, F.A. Muller, George Musser, Wayne Myrvold, Patricia Palacios (speaker), Sebastien Rivat, Pascal Rodríguez Warnier, Hassaan Saleem, Elay Shech (speaker), Narin Shech, Jeremy Steeger, Alastair Wilson, Snow Zhang (further participants TBA)